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Featured Swapper - Sara "Boo" Mason

Sara Boo Mason as a Featured Swapper

Name: Sara "Boo" Mason

Location: Hawaii, USA

Member since: I have no idea!! 😄

What do you love most about the card swap?

Making new friends from all corners of the earth.

Primary Diagnoses

I was in a life-changing accident in 2009 in which I broke my back and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I then subsequently found out that I also have Lyme Disease. Talk about a triple whammy!! 😄🤕

Social Media Instagram: @iamboozart

Fun facts about you

1. I am a pet psychic/animal empath...😏💕🐶🐱🦜🦋 Which allows me the amazing privilege of talking to animals...😏💕✨️🔮✨️🐾

2. I am also an artist...🎨🖌 I mostly paint animals, surprise surprise!! 😄🐾

Want to be featured? Submit your details here!

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