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Featured Swapper - Emily Schofield

Sara Boo Mason as a Featured Swapper

Name: Emily Schofield

Location: Dover, New Hampshire, United States

Member since: I think it was December

What do you love most about the card swap?

I love getting snail mail that’s not bills or junk mail! I also love sending mail too. It’s just fun! It’s also important to build a community when you have a chronic illness.

Primary Diagnoses

I have POTS, gastroparesis, and chronic Lyme disease. Social Media Instagram: @emschoknits

Fun facts about you

1. I am 34, I live with my boyfriend Justin and our two cats, Fiona and Reggie. We also have a snake named Quark (from Star Trek!)

2. I love to knit and crochet, sew, make jewelry, and journal. Basically, if I’m creating something I’m happy.

3. I also love watching house shows and reality TV while I’m knitting!

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