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Card Swap Themes for 2023

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Do you like to plan ahead? Here is the full list of Card Swap themes for 2023. We'll post the 2024 themes in January next year.

o January: Word for the Year o February: What Makes You Feel Loved o March: My Good Luck Charm o April: My Favorite Flower or Plant o May: May the Fur be with You (celebrating our fur babies!) o June: Something I can’t Live Without o July: Xmas in July o August: My Favorite Outdoor Activity o September: My Fave Seasonal Treat o October: My Fave Coping Tool o November: Something I’m Grateful for... o December: My Favorite Holiday Tradition

Thank you for being a part of the Card Swap!

Got an idea for a monthly theme? Let us know.

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