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Featured Swapper - Audrey Adamson

Name: Audrey Adamson

Location: United States

Member since: I can't remember because it has been so long!

What do you love most about the card swap?

I love that someone is thinking of me. With chronic illness, it's easy to feel like you are an island. The cards remind me, I am not alone.

Primary Diagnoses

I have several handfuls of issues but there are only two that are really important.

I have Common Variable Immune Deficiency if I don't make enough white blood cells and am prone to infections and autoimmune symptoms. I do sub q IGg these days because of my second issue.

I also have Stage 4 Kidney Disease and have spent the last year, going through red tape towards getting a Kidney Transplant. I also blog about my experience with the transplant experience.

Social Media Link

Fun facts about you

1. I have two cats who love their mom as much as she loves them.

2. I love to craft and write.

3. I'm also a tea fanatic.

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